O’Reilly Network: Linux Professional Institute Certification

“In my first article I labeled LPI’s offerings community testing
because exam content is largely contributed by volunteers from the
Linux community. While it is unclear how industry will react the
the various Linux certifications available, LPI’s approach should
yield a well rounded set of exams which represent the interests of
Linux administrators in the field.”

“While the LPI could field a single exam for their LPIC Level I
certification, testing centers could find that a long, involved
test is too difficult to schedule and deploy. Also, examinees may
be put off by sitting for hours taking the tests or by the sizable
lump-sum cost that would be necessary. Instead, LPI is creating
multiple exams of managable duration and cost, along the lines of
other established exam programs. With this goal in mind LPI divided
its Level 1 topics into two parts, yielding exams 101 and 102.
Together, these exams are intended to represent a Linux
administrator’s basic responsibilities.
Because both exams are
required, there’s no point to taking only one, so plan on
registering for both exam 101 and 102 to complete your first level
of LPI certification. Exam 101 consists of 60 questions to be
answered in 90 minutes, and costs USD $100. Specifics on exam 102
aren’t yet available.”

“In the discussion that follows, you’ll note that the numbers
assigned to exam topics aren’t sequential. For example, exam 101
begins with topic 1.3, and continues with topic 2.4. This is due to
organizational changes made by the LPI as their program developed.
The numbering from their original setup remains to avoid a
confusing migration. For examinees, use the topic numbers only as
references. They do not relate to exam numbers or certification