OS/2 Headquarters: Learning from Linux, Part II

Way back in November, OS/2 HQ took
a look
at the Halloween
document. Now they are visiting Halloween II from an OS/2

“The Linux community has recently posted a number of leaked
memos that Microsoft admits are internal MS documents. These papers
are Microsoft analyses designed to summarize the Linux phenomenon
and help Microsoft focus on how to attack this alternative platform
and prevent the public from enjoying it. Prominent Linux people
have also commented on these memos and how they reveal Microsoft’s
internal culture and world-view.”

“But interest in understanding the Microsoft ethos is not
limited to Linux supporters. OS/2 users and advocates can learn a
great deal about Microsoft’s inner workings and how to take
advantage of their smug neglect of the OS/2 community. For example,
the articles show a pervasive amnesia about OS/2 as an available
option for computer users. These memos also confirm that such
tactics as FUD, the threat of lawsuits, and the corruption of open
standards are all normal, everyday tactics in the Microsoft
repertoire. Let us analyze the memos and see what we can learn
about “The Microsoft Way” and how to overcome its intentional
obstacles to progress.”