OSNews: Fedora Core 3 vs. SUSE 9.2 Professional

“While SUSE 9.2 Pro was announced close to a month ago, it was
only made available for purchase recently. I was originally going
to compare SUSE 9.2 to something like Red Hat WS 3.0. However, both
Novell/SUSE and Red Hat seem to now be offering a corporate desktop
solution and a “desktop for the masses” solution.

“Fedora Core 3 is what would have been Red Hat 10 or 10.1 had
Red Hat not abandoned the boxed, retail-shelf market and therefore
is its closest offering to SUSE 9.2 Pro. Novell/SUSE have recently
announced their corporate desktop which appears to be in direct
competition with RedHat WS and Sun’s JDS. As such, with different
offerings from both parties, I wanted to make sure I was comparing
apples to apples and comparing Fedora Core 3 to SUSE 9.2 Pro seems
to be the best match up…”