OSNews: The Last Linux on the Desktop Article — Hopefully

“Lately, there has been a ‘Why linux isn’t ready for the
desktop’ article every 3 days. Most of the time, these articles
originate from a lack of understanding or acceptance of the open
source system. I’d like to try to address some of the common
arguments against linux here, and try to help people understand why
linux probably won’t be on your desktop for a while.

“Keep in mind, I am a linux user (yes, on the desktop) so you
will DEFINITELY see some bias here. I believe the points are still
valid though, so think before you flame me.

“Linux isn’t as easy to use

“Isn’t it? How many of you used linux as your first computer?
I’m guessing very few. As we all know, ‘different’ isn’t ‘harder.’
I’ve been doing research on this topic, and I’ve taught brand new
computer users on linux (GNOME) without any trouble. But this is
not the point…”


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