osOpinion: AOL’s shot across the bow

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“They could try targeting the computer-savvy. Let AOL have the
unwashed masses and take the toy-happy geeks. The geeks might
actually realize that if the Linux WebPad is running Mozzilla,
there’s probably an X Window server between the kernel and the
browser. And if there’s an X Window server, then you can run X
window clients on a real computer to display on the WebPad.

Almost all X-window based software could run on a powerful server
sitting in a closet and be used interactively from the WebPad from
anywhere in the house.”

“AOL users aren’t ready for that sort of power. And frankly,
X-Window software isn’t ready for them. Software written for use
with a keyboard and a 3-button mouse will probably be barely
useable on an X terminal that has neither. There will be plenty of
itches to be scratched as Linux users discover that their favorite
programs are barely useable on their new favorite toy.”

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