osOpinion: Linux: Like Windows: an Unfinished Mousetrap, plus other barriers to success

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

I don’t see stability meeting with ease of use, ease of
support and standards, on a Windows platform, but I do see this
with Linux and FreeBSD. With this in mind I’ll add some
constructive criticism for Linux, FreeBSD and their

“Besides unfinished software, another thing that might hamper
Linux is the fragmenting that is occurring. All the distributions
claim to support a unified standard of supported features and
services, but have yet to really commit to any. This makes it tuff
on developers, OEM’s, tech support and organizations with
helpdesks. For example, the closest thing to a desktop environment
that supports a mature set of features for a GUI based application
is KDE. I admire aspects of both Gnome and KDE but there really
needs to be some kind of standards committee that says what a
Windows Manager and desktop environment will support for XFree86.
As much as I (and others) hate Windows and its instabilities, I
believe that it was its standards for applications, GUI
Interface,… etc. that helped propel it’s acceptance by users and
developers alike. An OS that may be more resistant to Fragmenting
is FreeBSD (One FreeBSD distr.); however, from the GUI and Hardware
aspects, it too is also subject to the same shortcomings as

“A second problem I have seen with Linux Dists. are trouble with
hardware detection and support. I’m sure some of this has to do
with PNP, Power Management, and poor hardware implementations of
these two, but it is hard to argue with the ease with which you can
acquire and install drivers for Windows.”


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