osOpinion: Milestones on the Path to World Domination

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for this link. ]

“I can do better than that. My predictions will be specific,
without any mealy-mouthed mumbling. I shall predict the future of
the IT world not just for 2000, but for the entire millennium! Bear
in mind that these predictions should be taken with a shakerful of
salt. Of course, if any of them come true . . . well, you will
witness crowing and posturing such as has never been seen since
Mohammed Ali won the world heavyweight championship….”

“Feb 29, 2000: Beijing again condemns Win2k as a tool of
imperialist war-mongers and their running dogs. A huge poster in
Tienanmen[sic] Square says, “Microsoft is a Paper Tiger! Linux is
the Proletariat’s Operating System!…”

Oct 30, 2000: ESR receives an e-mail from a Microsoftie who
states that he worked on the Win2k kernel code, and says half of it
was lifted from *BSD. Eric posts it at opensource.org, dubbing it
“Halloween VI.

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