osOpinion: The Win/OS2 Debacle – Lessons To Be Learnt

“At first blush, OS/2 was a wonderful idea. The long-developed
expertise of IBM in mainframes, multitasking and multiuser
operating systems, allied to Microsoft’s market penetration in the
PC market. … There was of course one fly in the soup. No
Applications, or so few as to make its advantages illusory.”

“Microsoft had nearly all the applications that people were
using OS/2 to run. Developers were saying, why bother developing
for OS/2 and Windows when if you develop for Windows you get your
applications virtually running on OS/2 anyway. You cut down the
time and money invested, and you got a high return.”

“So, when it comes to Linux being able to run Windows
applications, and even run Windows itself, we should take extreme
care. Far better to support the number of projects out there
developing native applications for Linux
, and use wine, and
other related projects, with caution, and with a clear focus.”

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