osOpinion: What Software Quality?

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“I seem to rant on Microsoft a lot these days, and I refuse to
apologize for it. They have had the best of the best programmers
working for them for a long time. There is absolutely no excuse for
the lack of quality in Microsoft products. That said, they’re
certainly not the only guilty party. Anyone who worked with early
32-bit versions of CorelDraw knows what I’m talking about….”

“Actually, the open-source guys seem to have it just about
nailed. One person can write a piece of code, but five other guys
(and gals!) halfway around the world can rip it apart and make it
better. No pressure, no deadline, just the satisfaction of knowing
you made it better….”

I’m certainly not saying that open-source is the only way
to go, but what it has shown is that by giving programmers more
breathing room, they’ll want to create better software.

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