osOpinion: Will The Priests Please Refrain From Kicking The Heathens?

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“While perusing the web for ideas about what would make a good
set of Linux classes, I come across a disturbing trend, one
that was once only an insignificant bother, but hath now become
enough of a problem to warrant attention:

“Linux Over-Zealotry.”

“I guess it began to demand notice (for me) during the badly
managed PCWeek NT vs. Linux security tests. Now, I believe that
PCWeek made a huge mistake (they forgot an RPM patch), but, IMO, an
honest one…could have happened to anyone. The reaction sickened
me… zealots everywhere began screaming about how PCWeek was
“Microsoft’s Whore”, and how they were suddenly a part of some huge
conspiracy to quash Linux… I then begin to look about the various
Linux forums, to see even more venom and flame, directed at anyone
who dares to say that perhaps Microsoft does have software that
will do certain things better than Linux.”