OSWeekly: The “GNU/Linux” and “Linux” Controversy

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for this link. ]

GNU/Linux is the term coined by the Free Software Foundation
(FSF), Richard Stallman (FSF founder) and people who support FSF,
for operating systems composed of the FSF’s GNU software and the
Linux kernel; such systems are generally called “Linux.” In 1985,
Stallman published the GNU Manifesto, which outlined his motivation
for creating a free operating system called GNU, which would be
compatible with UNIX. The name GNU is a recursive acronym for ‘GNU
is Not Unix.’ Soon after, he incorporated the non-profit Free
Software Foundation (FSF) to employ free software programmers and
provide a legal infrastructure for the free software community.
According to Wikipedia.org, the main argument for “GNU/Linux” is
that Linus Torvalds’ kernel was only a small, albeit final part of
an otherwise complete system, GNU, written and assembled over many
years with the explicit goal of creating an integrated free
operating system…”

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