Parsix Linux–The “Prince of Persia”

“PARSIX 1.0 is a Persian Linux distribution, created by a team
in Iran and built on a Debian base. It comes as a live CD in which
the default languages–ironically, I have to say, given the prickly
relationship between the leaders of Iran and America–are Persian
and American English. I always have some initial concerns about
using Linux distributions whose first language is not my own,
simply because of my own linguistic limitations. However, I had
read good things about Parsix so I cast aside my doubts and dived

“I first tried Parsix 1.0 as a live CD on my 3.4GHz, Pentium 4
desktop PC with 1GB of RAM. Some of Parsix’s basic system
specifications include the 2.6.23 kernel, Xorg 7.2 and GCC