PC Week: Hospital concerned over prospect of embedded NT

“Microsoft’s plan to put embedded NT into non PC devices has
come under fire from NHS IT managers, who fear it could cause chaos
on hospital networks.

PC Week learned last week that London’s Charing Cross Hospital
is in talks with 3Com over concerns that the networking company is
to embed NT on its hardware.

‘3Com’s plans to embed NT are extremely worrying for us as our
network runs almost entirely on 3Com equipment,’ explained Matt
Williamson, head of networking and IT at Charing Cross

He said: ‘Put it this way – I wouldn’t want to be a patient in a
hospital that was running Windows NT. It doesn’t even offer a vague
shade of reliability.’

Windows NT Embedded 4.0 for non PC devices went into beta last
week. The product is aimed at telecommunications, retail point of
sales devices, high speed copiers, manufacturing, office
automation, medical patient systems and network equipment, such as

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