PC Week: Open source is (so far) an open road to nowhere

“John Patrick, the closest thing IBM has to a cult hero, calls
Linux a disruptive technology. Patrick’s referring to the
phenomenon described by Clayton M. Christensen in the book “The
Innovator’s Dilemma” as a technology that sneaks up on established
vendors because they are too blinded by their own visions to
realize that the technology is a threat in the first place.”

“Linux is not a disruptive technology. It’s an operating system,
and OSes aren’t a threat to anyone–and if they were, it surely
wouldn’t be a good thing. Patrick apparently is referring to the
open-source movement and the sea change behind Linux that has made
it unsettling to more than one or two OS vendors.”

“What amazes me the most is that open source has gained so
much momentum without showing any goods. It’s a dot-com–all hype
and speculation and no fundamentals. It’s like an onion in a bushel
of apples. Someone might notice that it looks and tastes different,
but peel away its layers, and there’s nothing there.”

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