PC World: Pogo Hops to Market With Preloaded Linux PCs

[ Thanks to Larry Combs
for this link. ]

If you’re in the market for a new PC and are curious about
open-source software, you might be interested in Pogo’s dual-boot
systems with preinstalled native versions of Linux and
These systems also ship with VMware software so you
can run Windows within Linux (which is why the company dubbed the
product line “Winux”).”

“The $1199 base Pogo Winux system we tested arrived in a
sturdily constructed, wide-body case with plenty of room for
expansion. Although it lacked a monitor, the PC included a 600-MHz
Pentium III processor and a bountiful 256MB of PC133 SDRAM (limited
to 100 MHz by the 600E processor’s 100-MHz front-side bus). Among
the system’s other components were a 7200-rpm, 20GB Seagate
Barracuda ATA66 hard drive, a Matrox Millennium G400 graphics card
with 32MB of memory, a 10/100 Ethernet adapter, a Sound Blaster
Live card, and a set of Mli-460 speakers with subwoofer. A 52X
Samsung SC-152 CD-ROM drive rounded out the package. We liked the
crisp, tactile response of the Logitech keyboard. The single
3.5-inch, floppy-only drive bay was the only thing we didn’t care

“Both Windows 98 Second Edition and Red Hat Linux 6.2 were
preinstalled on the Winux PC we tested, though Pogo now ships its
PCs with Red Hat 7.0 and a choice of either Windows 2000 or Windows
Millennium Edition. (VMware does not currently support Windows
Millennium.) But the company’s offerings aren’t limited to that
configuration, as numerous other systems and setups are available
on Pogo’s site.”


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