Penguin Hardware: Gigabyte GA-6CXC [Motherboard Review]

[ Thanks to Jeff
for this link. ]

“The 6CXC from Gigabyte is Slot 1 motherboard based on Intel’s
I820 chipset. The 6CXC has 1 AGP Slot, 5 PCI Slots, 1 ISA Slot, and
1 AMR slot for a Software Modem/Sound Card, something most
Linux/power users will want to stay away from. The 6CXC also has 4
DIMM slots, capable of holding DIMMs of sizes up to 512MB. It has 2
Serial, 1 Parallel and 2 USB ports built in, as well as
Software-based AC97 sound that can be disabled via the BIOS. The
6CXC can also (optionally) support 2 extra USB ports via an
expansion cable.”

“It supports Front Side Bus Speeds of (AGP/CPU): 100, 105, 110,
115, 117, 120, 125 127, 133, 135, 137, 140, 145 and 150. You can
either set this manually via a jumper and a set of DIP switches or
you can have it set to autodetect between 100 and 133. Although
many bus speeds are supported, only 66, 100 and 133 support the
AGP/PCI standard bus speed of 66/33MHz….”

“In order to test the 6CXC, I used the Redhat 6.1
distribution. I use Redhat because it’s what I like, although your
experiences on Debian, Slackware, et al. should be quite
I tested the 6CXC at both 600MHz (6 * 100MHz) and
800MHz (6 * 133) using my Pentium III 600E. The 6CXC had no
stability problems at normal speed or when overclocked. It
performed rock-solid through all my tests. Setup was extremely
easy, and even a user new to assembling a PC could setup this board
quickly if they follow the included directions.”


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