Penguin Magazine: Special Edition: Using Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux [Book Review]

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for this link. ]

“According to its introduction, Using Corel WordPerfect 8 for
Linux is for “somebody with prior experience with other word
processors” who needs “a good reference or learning tool” for
WordPerfect. Written by Roderick W. Smith, this book does a good
job of explaining how WordPerfect 8 works and the functions it

“The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing the downloadable
version of WordPerfect 8, samples from the book, and bonus
programs. The bonus programs on the CD-ROM include Netscape 4.6,
Adobe Acrobat reader, and weblint. The CD-ROM also includes fonts
and utilities for manipulating True Type fonts from other

“The book is divided into seven sections covering aspects of
WordPerfect from basic editing to web publishing with each section
containing one or more chapters. The chapters include numerous
screen shots, tips on using WordPerfect, and troubleshooting
sections for solving common WordPerfect problems.”