Performance Computing: Intel In The Data Center: A Three-Trick Pony?

According to author Gregory C. Garry, the horse race for the
Intel server market is between UnixWare, Solaris and Windows NT
Server 4.0. Linux is not even in the race!

“Developments in the operating-system world, such as the rollout
of Solaris 7, the availability of UnixWare 7, and commitments from
ever-more UNIX vendors to develop programs for IA-64, are
increasing the potential of Intel-based systems that run UNIX.
Those systems present Intel with its best hope of deeper
penetration into mission-critical and data-center

“In the final analysis, the contemporary Intel Inside server
world as it stands today offers three basic–albeit

  • UnixWare (or OpenServer) on Intel
  • Solaris on Intel
  • Windows NT Server 4.0 on Intel…”

“If SCO can make UnixWare truly competitive with other UNIX
offerings in a reasonable amount of time, Intel quickly will carve
out a deeper slice of the data center… my money is on