Phoronix: ATI Radeon X1800 Linux Preview

[ Thanks to Phoronix for this link.

“While ATI Technologies had launched the Radeon X1000 series in
October of 2005, which was the first time in a quite a while (since
the Radeon 9700) that they had implemented large architectural
changes, the support under Linux simply wasn’t there. In fact, even
after the X1900 launch earlier this year the Linux support remained
missing in action. Months later this ATI Linux support has yet to
be found, that is until this afternoon with the public launch of
the 8.24.8 display drivers. If you will recall back in January of
this year, Matthew Tippett allowed us to share with our readers
that the X1000 support should come in just a few releases. In the
article we also speculated a spring 2006 release. Well, this ATI
fglrx v8.24.8 driver release is just in time for being the first
release this spring. On top of the initial Radeon X1000 support,
there are a handful of improvements, new TexturedVideo rendering
technique, fixes for a couple bugs (such as the server restart
issue), and a few R200 fixes. We will have separate articles going
up today, and in the coming days, that discuss and tests these
various changes…”

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