Phoronix: NVIDIA 1.0-8756 Display Drivers

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“Four months since the launch of the 1.0-8178 Linux display
drivers, NVIDIA is finally out of the starting gates with the
official replacement. This 1.0-8756 release does include several
new features such as nvidia-auto-select and Linux/i2c support over
the 1.0-8178 release, as well as the hidden workstation-aimed
1.0-8183 release that we disclosed last month. Several other
undocumented fixes also appear to have occurred, at least what we
had discovered during our 1.0-8751 testing. In several other
Phoronix articles, we also discussed the lack of such features as
AIGLX in this release, and other pertinent information we have
obtained from our sources…”

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