Phoronix: OCZ DDR2-1000 Platinum XTC EL [Review]

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“Over the years of OCZ’s existence, the engineers at OCZ
Technology have run rampant with their memory creations from the
incredibly robust flash-based Rally series to their XTC-covered DDR
and DDR2 modules. Throughout their six years of manufacturing, they
have even won numerous awards from Phoronix for their tightly timed
and high frequency system memory modules. We are once again looking
at OCZ Technology as we have a pair of DDR2 PC2-8000 Platinum XTC
Enhanced Latency memory modules sitting in our hands. These modules
are designed to run at a 1.00GHz frequency with 5-5-5-15 timings.
On top of its competitive performance edge, these modules also
utilize OCZ’s XTC heatspreaders for Xtreme Thermal
Convection–which premiered last year with their DDR modules. In
addition, these modules are backed by OCZ’s lifetime warranty and
EVP (Extended Voltage Protection) coverage…”

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