Piracy bill could waylay FLOSS projects

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“Each bill has the same basic approach: if a copyright holder
finds content on a website that they believe infringes on their
copyright, then they can go to any vendor who helps provide revenue
to that site and request that the vendor cease working with the
site. For instance, the request could go to any ad providers for
the allegedly infringing site, and under the new law the ad
provider would have five days to cut their ads from the site. Or,
if the site uses credit cards or an online payment system like
PayPal, the copyright holder can also get those organizations to
stop supporting the website.

“Either of the new bills, if passed into law, would also enable
the US Attorney General to send court orders to DNS server
operators ordering that DNS servers stop resolving the domain names
of infringing sites to their matching IPs. And, almost lastly,
search engines would also be required to remove or block links to
these sites. “

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