PogoPlug Biz Review: File Sharing and Remote Access

“PogoPlug made a name for itself by offering home users a
convenient way to share numerous and/or bulky files, such as photo
collections and videos, with friends and family. Of course, small
businesses frequently need to share these kinds of files too,
except with clients and customers.

“Enter the PogoPlug Biz, which aims to be an alternative to
cloud-based storage, file sharing or collaboration services; it
builds on the capabilities of the consumer-focused PogoPlug with
some added features that offer small businesses more flexibility
and control over remote access and file sharing.

“Specs and Setup

“The $299 PogoPlug Biz is a small device that looks almost
identical to the standard PogoPlug (the only physical difference is
a base/front bezel of businesslike black rather than bright
magenta). The front of the PogoPlug Biz sports a single USB 2.0
port, and there are three more in back along with a Gigabit
Ethernet port.”

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