PR: LinuxIT Questions Novell’s Ability to Support its Desktop Linux Solution

LinuxIT, the largest independent systems integrator and services
provider for Linux in the UK, today commented on the release of
Desktop 9, Novell’s Linux based desktop solution.

The company welcomes the news about the release, and appreciates
the fact that people have now been given more choice on the
desktop. Licensing flexibility, pricing and security issues are
driving more and more companies and individuals to seek an
alternative to proprietary desktop software.

However, LinuxIT emphasizes that any push of Linux based desktop
solutions needs to be supported, and questions whether Novell has
the relevant expertise in Europe to do just that. There have been
several occasions where even Novell resellers have had to ask
LinuxIT for help to technically support their customers.

Peter Dawes-Huish, Sales Director of LinuxIT commented: “Not
every company or individual who decides to go for Linux based
software has a large IT team behind them. So providing technical
support based on strong Linux expertise around the clock every day,
just has to be number one priority for each vendor. For many,
moving to Linux on the desktop will be a radical change, and
although the benefits of cost savings and improved security are
obvious, IT support needs to be available as part of the deal.”

Peter continues: “We cannot see that Novell has the appropriate
network and the relevant expertise to support this major push of
Desktop 9. We are also questioning the company’s long-term
commitment to Linux, after Novell’s vice-chairman was recently
ousted. One has to ask the question why the very person, who was
responsible for acquiring SUSE and Ximian, and therefore advocating
the move to Linux, is no longer there.”