PR Newswire: Giganet Brings the Power of cLAN Server Farm Interconnects to Linux

Giganet, Inc., a leader in server scalability for the Internet
age, today announced the company will extend its award-winning cLAN
server cluster interconnect products to support the Linux platform.
The cLAN family of products enables businesses to assemble racks of
Intel Servers into server farms for scalable and flexible
computing. These server farms are an ideal low cost and highly
efficient platform for Web hosting, scientific and technical

Giganet additionally announced a commitment to the Open Source
movement and will make cLAN for Linux software available to all
Linux designers and developers. By placing cLAN software into the
Open Source directory Giganet enables the Linux community to
enhance and customize cLAN for their specific application needs.
‘Applications in the Linux market are often customized to achieve
greater performance capabilities,’ said Gareth Taube, Giganet’s
vice president of marketing. ‘Our cLAN products enable commodity
hardware and software to perform at their full potential to provide
a scalable, powerful Linux platform.’

Giganet’s cLAN family is already the industry’s preferred server
farm interconnect for NT environments. cLAN products are
recommended by Dell Computer, Hewlett Packard, Unisys, and the CTC
Group in Japan. Giganet is leveraging its NT experience and success
to provide interconnects for the exploding Linux market and is the
first major cluster interconnect vendor to support both NT and