PRNewswire: BASCOM Pioneers Easy to Use Methodology for Its Linux-Based, Thin Server Applications

BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc…announces the
remote, automatic upgrade of its flagship Internet Communications
Server (ICS) solution, further demonstrating its ability to provide
users with Internet solutions that seamlessly and transparently tap
the intrinsic power of the Linux operating system.
identified Linux over three years ago as a robust platform for
cost-effective, secure and reliable content management and
connectivity solutions, today’s announcement positions BASCOM as
the industry’s premier provider of easy-to-use, thin server
software-providing the foundation for inexpensive, efficient and
easy to manage appliances that connect users to the Internet for
specified functions.”

“Long before the current Linux wave, we made what at that time
was considered a bold commitment to developing on the Linux
platform for the stability, scalability and support for such
complex tasks as content management, firewalling, proxy caching,
and routing that we sought to offer,” said BASCOM president, Peter
Cirasole. “Our remote upgrade of all ICS installations underscores
our commitment to giving users the benefits of Linux while
providing a web-based solution that makes the underlying complexity
and management transparent. What we’ve done is akin to moving users
from DOS to Windows; but more than simply providing an intuitive
GUI, users are freed from the task of managing or maintaining the
operating system through a range of remotely implemented, automatic

“Having successfully deployed and remotely maintained a
Linux-based Internet solution in a K-12 environment, where low
on-site maintenance requirements and ease-of-use are especially
critical, BASCOM is set to deploy a series of Linux-based thin
server software solutions for the small- to mid-sized business and
government markets.”

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