PRNewswire: Covalent Technologies Announces…Commercial Support…for Apache Web Server Platform

“Covalent Technologies, a leading supplier of commercial
software for the Apache Web Server platform, announced the
availability of several commercial support options for the Apache
Web server. Apache, an open-source software that runs on Linux and
other major operating systems, is the world’s leading Web server
for e-commerce solutions. The new service, called “Apache
1st(TM)Support,” provides the only commercial support available for
the Apache platform.”

“Covalent Technologies CEO Randy Terbush, a co-founder of the
Apache Software Foundation and one of the original developers of
Apache, said that the software is used on approximately 4,000,000
servers in the United States. “Despite owning 65% of the worldwide
Web server market,” said Terbush, “Apache has had no commercial
support until now.” Terbush said that in the past many Web
administrators who wanted to use Apache in corporate environments
were unable to do so because there was no commercial support.
There will be more acceptance of Apache from upper management
now that there is ‘someone to call’ if the system goes down,” said
the Covalent CEO.

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