PRNewswire: CyberStar Chooses Intel(R) for New Rack Mount Server Bundled With Red Hat Linux

“CyberStar…a PC manufacturer specializing in e-commerce PC
delivery, today announced that they have chosen Intel(R) to supply
the main component platform of their new Rack mount server for
Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).”

“The CyberStar RackPro 2000 is based on the Intel(R) LB440GX 2U
Rack Server platform and the thin form-factor enables ISP’s to
stack servers in parallel to create highly available services.
Ethernet, SCSI, graphics and server management controllers are all
there. Plus, the LB440GX is validated on the most popular Internet
operating systems — Linux, Solaris and Windows NT — ensuring
choice for cutting-edge applications.”

Powered by dual Intel Pentium(R) III processors, the
RackPro 2000 delivers processing speeds of up to 600 MHz. In
addition to fast processors, it also comes loaded with fast memory,
a fast storage subsystem, a fast network connection and is bundled
with Red Hat Linux operating system.
CyberStar backs up the
RackPro 2000 with a 3 year on-site warranty and offers a spares kit
so replacement parts are available when needed. Built-in server
management and a “Smart Tool” CD-ROM aid self-maintenance so ISP’s
can replace parts and get their servers back online in

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