PRNewswire: HostNYC Announces Integration of Cobalt RaQ 4 Server Appliance Into Hosting Services

“HostNYC, Inc., a U.S. based web hosting company, is pleased to
announce today the integration and launch of new hosting platforms
featuring the Cobalt RaQ 4, the newest server appliance developed
by Cobalt Networks, Inc. As a fourth generation server solution,
the Cobalt RaQ 4 is designed to increase functionality to the
client while further optimizing the power of the open-source Linux
OS. For service providers like HostNYC, the advanced solution
is designed to raise rack revenues and minimize ongoing system
management, thus greatly reducing cost of ownership.

“New features of the Cobalt RaQ 4 solution include stronger
encryption support and the integration of development capabilities,
including Active Server Page (ASP) using Chili!Soft ASP, PHP
technologies, RAID 1, and InterBase 6 SQL Database. Due to its open
source architecture, the platform is compatible with Windows, Unix,
and Mac OS. As a result, the migration of existing applications to
the Cobalt platform is both easy and cost effective. In addition,
as an open source standard supported by thousands of developers,
users of the Cobalt RaQ 4 platform gain access a wide variety of
development tools such as Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Visual
InterDev, Macromedia Drumbeat and NetObjects Fusion, to name a few.
This increased functionality adds enormous value to the Internet

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