PRNewswire: Inprise/Borland Eases Business-to-Business Data Exchange With New Midas XML Server

“Inprise/Borland (Nasdaq: INPR) today announced the immediate
availability of Borland(R) MIDAS(TM) 3, middleware technology and
components for rapidly building Delphi(TM) and C++ Builder(TM)
Internet applications. Now supporting XML and Dynamic HTML, MIDAS 3
substantially increases the scalability and flexibility of
large-scale Internet applications. Inprise/Borland also announced
modified MIDAS licensing that will now allow small- to medium-sized
businesses to gain the same advantages as large corporations as
they extend their businesses to the Internet.”

“With MIDAS 3, developers can quickly create and deploy
applications that connect users to critical business information
whenever and wherever they need it. From e-commerce implementations
to customer relationship management systems, users will benefit
from the many advantages of MIDAS 3, including greater control over
network traffic, improved performance for mobile environments and
increased scalability. The net result is a flexible, scalable
solution for rapid development and deployment of e-commerce

MIDAS will support Linux when Inprise/Borland’s Project
Kylix ships later this year. Project Kylix is a Linux component
based development environment for two-way visual development of
graphical user interface (GUI), Internet, database, and server

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