PRNewswire: Montreal’s Linux Expo North America Success Leads To American Tour…

“The first ever Linux Expo North America was a marked success.
Close to 4,500 visitors made their way through the snow storm to
attend the Expo at Palais des Congres. The slight shortfall in
the number of visitors due to Mother Nature’s whimsy was more than
made up for in the discernible quality of visitors. The success of
this first edition set the tone for future shows in Toronto in
October and in Montreal in April 2001.”

“”The comments we’ve received from the majority of our 102
exhibitors confirm that our choice of quality versus quantity of
visitors, was indeed the best strategy for positioning our event as
one of the great shows in the Linux North America circuit”
declared Stephane Labrouche, V.P. and Director General of Sky
Events, show organizers. “A targeted audience provides greater
business potential for the exhibitors” he added. This point was
brought home to us by Bill Weinberg, Marketing Director for
MontaVista Software, one of the larger exhibitors. He explained “We
gathered 150 quality leads here and plan to develop these contacts
into strong business alliances. Our participation in the last Linux
World Expo in New York, had opened doors for us but nothing
compared to what we accomplished in Montreal.” The exhibitors and
hundred of journalists praised the outstanding quality and
professionalism of show organizers. “The organization is flawless
on all levels. Comdex organizers could learn a lot from these
people” stated Melissa London in charge of Public Relations for
Red Hat.”

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