PRNewswire: Open Benchmark Confirms Mindcraft’s Earlier Study…

“In Phase 1 of the Open Benchmark, Mindcraft tuned the Dell
PowerEdge 6300/400 server for Linux and Windows NT Server 4.0 just
as it did in its second benchmark. In Phase 2, Red Hat engineers
tuned Linux, Apache, and Samba to the best of their ability using
software that was available at the time of Mindcraft’s second Linux
benchmark. The Linux results for the four-processor server…
confirmed that Mindcraft tuned Linux to achieve its peak

” ‘Hopefully, this Open Benchmark will put to rest the unfounded
claims of bias in Mindcraft’s testing,’ said Mindcraft’s president,
Bruce Weiner. … We participated in the Open Benchmark at our own
expense. We’ve demonstrated in an open environment with tests
audited by an independent party that our second benchmark of Linux
and Windows NT Server 4.0 was accurate and that we can tune Linux
for peak performance. In addition, we’ve shown that Linux fails to
deliver the same level of performance as Windows NT Server 4.0 on a
system without resource constraints,’ Weiner said.”

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