PRNewswire: OpenSRS Continues Rapid Growth as World’s Largest Wholesale Domain Registration Service

“TUCOWS.com Inc.the industry’s largest domain name wholesaler,
today announced that in three months the company has registered
over 600 Registration Service Providers to its OpenSRS Domain
Registration System…over double that of its nearest competitors
Register.com, CORE and Network Solutions. Launched by TUCOWS this
past October, OpenSRS is an open-source client server system
that can be integrated into the backend infrastructure of
registration service providers, which include Internet Service
Providers (ISPs), Web hosting companies and value-added resellers
The registration application allows for real time and
seamless registration of their customers’ domain names.”

“Our rapid growth reflects OpenSRS’s value proposition to our
customers — both on cost competitive and service fronts,” said
Ross W. Rader, Director, Assigned Names Division, TUCOWS.com Inc.
“To meet the service requirements of our customers, we’ve
re-aligned our domain operations into a single business unit,
Assigned Names Division. Consisting of OpenSRS and our retail
domain registration service, the new division will continue to
support and drive business value to our customers by offering the
industry’s most comprehensive range of domain name registration

“TUCOWS recently reduced its annual OpenSRS domain registration
fee from (U.S.) $13 to $10 effective January 15, 2000 providing
savings of over 70 per cent compared to other industry leaders.
OpenSRS streamlines domain registration by allowing consumers and
businesses to register in real time their domain name directly with
their local ISP, Web hosting company or reseller, reducing costs
and registration time. By using the Internet’s open standards
rather than proprietary domain filing systems, OpenSRS provides
customers a more robust and efficient end-user domain registration
service than other registrars. OpenSRS is an ICANN accredited
domain registrar.”

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