PRNewswire: Rackspace.com Announces $6.3 Million Capital Infusion

“Rackspace.com, the leader in outsourced Internet servers, today
announced the company had completed a $6.3 million round of
financing. The funds were raised from company insiders and venture
capital funds. Of the total amount raised, $2.5 million came from
Rackspace.com management and the balance from two venture capital
funds, Isom Capital and Teton Capital.”

“The funds are earmarked for international expansion in Europe
and Asia. A London data center is currently under development and
the company anticipates that it will open in the second quarter of
2000. Funds will also be allocated to marketing as the company
seeks to expand its share of the rapidly growing outsourced
Internet server market.”

“Rackspace.com manages the largest installed base of Linux
servers in the world. The company is based in San Antonio, Texas,
and has customers in more than 40 countries…”

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