PythonLabs: Python Development Team Moves to BeOpen.com

[ Thanks to Clyde
for this link. ]

“To all Python users and developers:

Python is growing rapidly. In order to take it to the next
level, I’ve moved with my core development group to a new employer,
BeOpen.com. BeOpen.com is a startup company with a focus on open
source communities, and an interest in facilitating next-generation
application development. It is a natural fit for Python.”

“At BeOpen.com I am the director of a new development team named
PythonLabs. The team includes three of my colleagues from CNRI:
Fred Drake, Jeremy Hylton, and Barry Warsaw. Another familiar face
will join us shortly: Tim Peters. We have our own website
(www.pythonlabs.com) where you can read more about us, our plans
and our activities. We’ve also posted a FAQ there specifically
about PythonLabs, our transition to BeOpen.com, and what it means
for the Python community.”

“What changes is how much time we have for Python.
Previously, Python was a hobby or side project, which had to
compete with our day jobs; at BeOpen.com we will be focused full
time on Python development!
This means that we’ll be able to
spend much more time on exciting new projects like Python 3000.
We’ll also get support for website management from BeOpen.com’s
professional web developers, and we’ll work with their marketing


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