Quality Printing with GIMP

[ Thanks to Roland
for this link. ]

“In spite of Silicon Valley’s best efforts, it is still
not a paperless world. On a free software desktop, this is rarely a
problem, because significant work has gone into making CUPS,
Foomatic, and other parts of the printing tool chain work well and
integrate seamlessly into the application suite — at least,
for the typical “office” document. There are still a few things the
average user can do to enhance the quality of prints from graphics
applications like GIMP. Some are common to all raster image editors
but which you might need a refresher course on, and some of which
are more specialized. Given the price of high-quality inks and
photo paper, though, a little preparation can save both time and

“Pre-flight check: accounting for how raster images work

“An image undergoes multiple transformation between the time is
read from the hard disk and the time it pops out of the printer.
Most importantly, of course, that includes the editing that you
perform in GIMP. A critical component to getting consistently good
prints in enabling and configuring GIMP’s color management (CM). CM
is built-in to all recent GIMP releases, but it does not come
pre-configured, so if you don’t take the time to set it up, it does
you no good.”