Reasons I Believe the Community Should Support the Oracle-Sun Deal – Updated 3Xs

“From the last page:

“The “copyleft/infection” principle of the GPL license
represents a particular obstacle not only to revenue generation by
the fork vendor but also to the overall adoption and market
penetration of MySQL, MySQL forks and MySQL storage engines.

“Now, that’s from the version 1.1, dated October 11, that they
posted today. But that isn’t the only submission they have made.
They suggested to the EU Commission in a questionnaire submitted by
an August 13th deadline that the license on MySQL be changed to the
Apache License. It was sent to me, along with others in the press,
to educate us on the issues. Indeed, I found it very educational.
Even in the submission made public today, you’ll notice on page 21
they mention the BSD and the Apache licenses, after trashing the

“Under such open source licenses as the Berkeley Software
Distribution (BSD) license and the Apache license, proprietary
derivatives are legal. The only obligation might be

“In contrast, on page 20, they state that the GPL “effectively
prevents this from being a commercial opportunity”.”


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