Release of the Mageia 6 Linux distribution with Plasma 5, DNF support, ARM port

After two years of development, it is the genuine pleasure of everyone involved in the Mageia community to announce the release of Mageia 6, the latest milestone of its 100% community-driven GNU/Linux distribution. Mageia 6 is a stable and modern operating system that offers an exceptionally wide range of software, included upwards of 25 desktop environments and window managers, notably Plasma 5 from the KDE project and GNOME. This release sees the addition of the new package manager DNF 2 as alternative to Mageia’s URPMI, which brings support for AppStream-based software centers (e.g. Plasma Discover and GNOME Software), as well as Fedora COPR and openSUSE Build Service (OBS) to complement the already very complete official Mageia repositories. Other major additions for this release are the addition of the ARM architecture, as well as a visual modernisation of Mageia-specific software, including a new iconset and styling. More details are provided in the release announcement on the Mageia blog ( https://blog.mageia.org/en/2017/07/16/announcing-mageia-6 ) as well as in the extensive Release Notes ( https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Mageia_6_Release_Notes ). Mageia 6 has been released on 16 July 2017, and is available for download from the official website ( https://www.mageia.org/6 ). Mageia 6 offers Live (Plasma, GNOME and Xfce) and Classical installation methods for both i586 and x86_64, as well as network install capabilities. About Mageia: Mageia is a Free Software operating system of the GNU/Linux family. It is a community project supported by the non-profit Mageia.Org organization of elected contributors. Mageia is developed by and for its community of users, and is suitable for all kinds of users, from first-time GNU/Linux users to advanced developers or system administrators. The work of the Mageia community proudly adds to the excellent work of the wider GNU/Linux and Free Sofware ecosystem. The current stable release of the Mageia project, Mageia 6 was developed for over two years before being released officially on 16 July 2017.