Review: Sabayon 7 KDE + GNOME + Xfce

“Xfce was far more responsive than either GNOME or KDE. The
numbers bore that out: I had to use the command “free -m” to see
how much RAM was being used at idle, because the Xfce Task Manager
only showed percentage RAM consumption, and I found that only 200
MB of RAM was being used at idle. That’s a little higher than I’d
like for Xfce, but it’s still way lower than either GNOME 3 or KDE
4. That’s basically where my time ended, because I just wanted to
get a feel for what using the Xfce desktop would be like, generally

That’s where my time with Sabayon ended. The fact that I
couldn’t get the Google Talk plugin to work after so much effort
makes me continue to not recommend that newbies install and use
Sabayon on a daily basis.

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