RHCE2B.COM: Interview with Tom Allred, a MCSE who recently got his RHCE Certification

[ Thanks to Randy
for this link. ]

“Tom Allred is currently the Information Systems Director at a
multi-state trucking company called RWBT, INC. He has an MCSE
certification, and recently earned an RHCE certification. He was a
Zoology major at UNC-Chapel Hill, and is 2 classes short of a
Zoology degree. He has been a computer operator at a hospital in
1980, a manager of a Byte Shop, and the Founding President of the
Triad Apple Core user group. From 1981-1984, he wrote a variety of
vertical packages using BASIC on the Durango platform. From
1984-1992, he wrote a variety of vertical packages using Informix
databases on Xenix/Unix platforms.”

Randy: Why did you decide to go for an
RHCE certification?

Tom: Our company has needs that I felt
would be best met with Linux so I thought getting certified would
be the quickest way to get the knowledge I needed to make that

Randy: Do you think as Windows 2000 becomes
more prevalent that companies such as the one you work for will
ever replace their Linux machines with Windows 2000 machines? Or do
you think it’s more likely that more companies will move some of
their servers to Linux?

Tom: The latter, I think. Not only are we using
Linux for new needs that come up, I’ll be looking to use it to
reduce the number of existing NT servers we have running. Linux has
multiple advantages over Windows, not the least of which is lower
cost and less complexity. Where Linux offers the ability to
customize solutions for different needs, Microsoft has one answer
(W2K for servers, Win98 for clients) for every problem.”