Risks for Italian Public Education in Government/Microsoft deal

“What would you do if a teacher tried to teach your children to
write only with one brand and model of pens or pencils, “because
that’s what everybody uses”? Would you laugh in his face and
immediately ask he’s suspended from teaching or would you let him

“If you answered “I’d laugh and then make sure he’s suspended”
and you’d like that school taught as to solve problems rather than
blindly push buttons like monkeys, here is an interesting

“Microsoft has been under examination for several years before
the European Union, with charges of abuse of dominant position,
that is because it makes unnecessarily difficult to get rid of its
software even for users who would like to run other programs in
order to save money or for any other reason. This is why, starting
in 2004, the European Union fined Microsoft for more than one and a
half billion Euros.”

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