Rob Weir Exposes an Anti-ODF Whisper Campaign – Updated

“In the good old days, dead people supported Microsoft, if you
remember that funny headline about a pro-Microsoft astroturfing
campaign, but at least it wasn’t a smear campaign, just
pro-Microsoft. Nowadays, I think I would have to rewrite the
headline to read, “Mean People Support Microsoft.” Or worse. You
see, Groklaw has been visited recently by several OOXML types,
including Alex Brown, Doug Mahue of Microsoft, and Rick Jelliffe,
all singing pretty much the same songs, posting on our ODF
articles, so I got to watch it close up. I puzzled over it, because
they seemed so deliberately rude. Why come here just to be
offensive? So I’d remind them that we have a comments policy here,
including no ad hominem attacks on anyone. And they would continue
on. It was so odd. The last one went away when I told him that if
he wished to make a permanent record of how horribly Microsoft
supporters conduct themselves, he could post to his heart’s

“It turns out it’s not just here, and there is evidently a point
to it. Wikipedia is apparently the epicenter. And what is being
posted there is reportedly being used in an anti-ODF FUD campaign
by guess who.

“Why can’t Microsoft compete fairly on the merits? No. Really.
Just once?”


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