RSAsecurity.com: RSA Security Releases RSA Encryption Algorithm into Public Domain

“RSA Security Inc. (NASDAQ: RSAS) today announced it has
released the RSA public key encryption algorithm into the public
domain, allowing anyone to create products that incorporate their
own implementation of the algorithm. This means that RSA Security
has waived its rights to enforce the patent for any development
activities that include the RSA algorithm occurring after September
6, 2000.”

“Represented by the equation “c = me mod n,” the RSA algorithm
is widely considered the standard for encryption and the core
technology that secures the vast majority of the e-business
conducted on the Internet. The U.S. patent for the RSA algorithm (#
4,405,829, “Cryptographic Communications System And Method”) was
issued to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on
September 20, 1983, licensed exclusively to RSA Security and
expires on September 20, 2000.”

“So much misinformation has been spread recently regarding the
expiration of the RSA algorithm patent that we wanted to create an
opportunity to state the facts,” said Art Coviello, chief executive
officer of RSA Security. “RSA Security’s commercialization of the
RSA patent helped create an entire industry of highly secure,
interoperable products that are the foundation of the worldwide
online economy. Releasing the RSA algorithm into the public
domain now is a symbolic next step in the evolution of this market,
as we believe it will cement the position of RSA encryption as the
standard in all categories of wired and wireless applications and
RSA Security intends to continue to offer the world’s
premier implementation of the RSA algorithm and all other relevant
encryption technologies in our RSA BSAFE software solutions and we
remain confident in our leadership in the encryption market.”


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