Samsung Galaxy Tab review

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Developer magazine
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“The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first true contender to
Apple’s tablet crown, but has Samsung bitten off more than it can
chew? Russell Barnes spends a week with the Tab to find out

“Pros: Beautifully crisp screen with excellent viewing angles,
excellent form factor, world-class build quality

“Cons: Expensive retail price, proprietary connector, slippery
curved back, lack of UI tweaks and dedicated software

“It’s the oldest cliché in the book, but size matters,
and in no place is this more contentious right now than in tablet
computing. Without wishing to wade headlong into the tablet form
factor debate, we’ve never been entirely convinced that 9.7 inches
is really the sweet spot for tablet design Cupertino would have us
believe. After spending the last week with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab
– the first true contender to the iPad’s crown – we’re
more confident than ever that our hunch was sound.”