SitePoint: Tomcat Sucks… Is Apache Flawed?

“High on my list of Java blogs is Hani Suleiman’s The BileBlog,
in which he gives unapologetically abrasive reviews of popular Java
projects and the people behind them. In the past, he has had been
less than complimentary of the Apache Project’s various open source
(‘opensores’) Java offerings like Maven and Struts. Today, he took
Tomcat to task.

“Tomcat, of course, provides the reference implementations for
the Servlet and JSP specifications, but by virtue of the fact that
it is free, it’s also the server of choice for many small-to-medium
businesses. I took a critical look at Tomcat myself awhile back,
while looking for a beginner-friendly Java web application server
(I’m still looking)…”

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