SRO: A new thorn in Microsoft�s side? [BSDI]

“Microsoft is obsessed with Sun. Microsoft watches AOL’s every
move. Microsoft continues to try to second-guess the various Linux

“But does Microsoft fear BSDI, a.k.a. Berkeley Software Design
Inc.? I know Microsoft knows who BSDI is, because it is BSDI’s
software that powers Microsoft’s HotMail site, despite Microsoft’s
best efforts to move it into Windows 2000.
But does BSDI keep
the ‘Redmonians’ awake at night? Probably not.”

“BSDI kicked things off a week ago, announcing it had merged
with Walnut Creek CDROM, a distributor of the FreeBSD operating
system. This week, BSDI announced it had finalized FreeBSD 4.0, its
latest release for Intel and Alpha architectures that includes lots
of performance enhancements, plus some truly sexy stuff, like
security software meant to help prevent denial-of-service attacks,
as well as IPv6 and IPSec support. And the company is ready to
crank up the volume on its plans for BSD as an Internet appliance