SRO: Can You Trust This Penguin? – What’s Wrong (And Right) With LINUX

“Let’s get real. we all know there’s a ton of Linux hype out
there. A day does not go by without another vendor declaring Linux
support. But there’s also a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt
about Linux. In this exclusive report, Sm@rt Reseller cuts through
the hoopla and reveals where Linux plays best, and where its use
should be avoided. Some of our findings–based on our internal
tests and interviews with key Linux experts–may surprise you.”

“Certainly, Linux has momentum. Shipments of the operating
system are expected to increase 25 percent annually through 2003,
predicts International Data Corp. But those numbers can be
misleading. Linux has yet to take root on the desktop and lacks
many high-end features that Unix proponents take for

Conventional wisdom says Linux is incredibly stable. Always
skeptical, we decided to put that claim to the test over a 10-month
period. In our test, we ran Caldera Systems OpenLinux, Red Hat
Linux, and Windows NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 3 on duplicate
100MHz Pentium systems with 64MB of memory.
Ever since we
first booted up our test systems in January, network requests have
been sent to each server in parallel for standard Internet, file
and print services. The results were quite revealing. Our NT server
crashed an average of once every six weeks. Each failure took
roughly 30 minutes to fix. That’s not so bad, until you consider
that neither Linux server ever went down. This test, coupled with
our technical staff’s extensive Linux and NT experience, leads us
to believe that Linux truly is more stable than NT on uniprocessor

[ This story is quite lengthy, spanning 9 pages. lt-ed.


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