SRO: Novell NDS for Linux Arrives Ahead of Schedule

“Novell and Linux watchers knew it was coming. No one expected,
though, that Novell would deliver NDS eDirectory and NDS Corporate
Edition for Linux almost two weeks before Novell’s annual gathering
of NetWare supporters: BrainShare.”

“What we do know is that although Novell has said at least part
of the NDS for Linux code would be open source, none of it–under
any open-source license–currently is available. Despite years of
open-source lip service, the Novell Community License remains more
of a mock-up than a working model.”

“Linux companies thought Novell was right on the bull’s-eye.
Caldera, with its long history of friendly relations with Novell,
lead the list of supporters, but the other Linux marksmen Red Hat
and TurboLinux also vowed their support. Bowstreet, Evergreen
Internet and Sendmail also voiced their support.”

“Novell doubtlessly welcomes the support because this isn’t
just a trial shot.
Company sources revealed that other
Novell packages, including the next version of office groupware and
e-mail package GroupWise 6.0
(code name: BulletProof),
will appear on Linux before the end of the year.”