SRO: Reseller Linux: A New Hope

The big Linux changes of the core version 2.3 are still
months away. In the meantime, commercial Linux companies are hard
at work incorporating the latest minor upgrades into their products
and adding their own features. The results are sturdier, more
flexible and more marketable Linux packages.

“TurboLinux, formerly Pacific HiTech, was the first out of the
gate in late August with a new Linux launch: TurboLinux Workstation
3.6. Despite the name, this package also comes with everything you
need to install a Linux server. This version comes with a Linux
2.2.9 kernel…”

“SuSE, not to be outdone, has also released SuSE Linux 6.2. This
Linux, which SuSE claims has more Linux applications in one
package, includes such interesting oddities as Commodore 64 and
Atari ST emulations for your customers who just won’t let go of
their older, off the beaten track applications.”