Swingley Development: Major League Baseball on Linux (or not…)

“Well, as usual, the new season starts and Major League Baseball
does it’s best to keep me from listening to baseball despite paying
for the priviledge. This year they’ve started requiring the Adobe
Flash plug-in, and there is no Flash plug-in for Linux running on
x86_64 systems. Not to mention all the other unsupported operating
system and architecture combinations out there. They have also
dropped Real Audio format, and only offer the games in Windows
Media Format, further reducing their potential fan base.

“The Flash plugin is available for Linux on i386 systems, and it
does work with this configuration (see the April 3rd update below).
You will probably want the flashblock Mozilla extension since Flash
is used to deliver advertising on many web sites. Not only are all
the noisy, animated ads annoying, but Flash can be unstable and
inefficient, potentially crippling or killing your browser…”

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